Harry Potter

Enough. I’m putting this one to bed. I so don’t want to finish it.


‘Not enough sex’ was my first thought, but then we do get to this part where boys are discussing the length and capacities of their wands and I perked up for a moment until I realised that they were actually talking about wands.

You will say that this is a book for children and that sex has no part in it, but, I think Randall has it right, as usual:

XKCD's take on young boys
XKCD’s take on young boys

Now, I don’t know a whole lot about boys on the verge of pubescence, but I’m fairly sure they are more interested in willies than wands. Perhaps this book would have sold better if the author had regarded that piece of advice. (Note to self: check if anybody bought this book. Perhaps the author would appreciate my thoughts.)

10 thoughts on “Harry Potter

  1. Maybe you should go get laid instead of relying on the authors imigination to get you off .

  2. Thanks, Spencer, that was a great idea, and I tried it last night. My boyfriend was so pleased – I wish I’d thought of it earlier. It was fun and all but it doesn’t seem to have made me want to change my review. Sorry!

  3. I respect your opinion but can I be honest? Your reasons for disliking the book don’t seem valid enough to me. And I’m pretty sure if the author regarded your piece of advice, the book would’ve actually been WORSE. We’re talking magic here, not romance-contemporary. And the romance blossoms as the series progresses.

  4. Bloody brilliant! As a wise ass myself I think somebody should take the piss out of the whole Potter/Rowling franchise. Well done and forget about the censors. If you’re censored it just means you were right. Take it as a badge of honor.

    • Sagar, In a piece of bad timing, I read it straight after book one of Pullman’s Trilogy – Northern Lights – which is really quite well written. Going to HP from this was a jarring experience. Rowling would have done better without this comparison, but I couldn’t help making it.

      • Anchoring effect does get us, indeed! What you said is quite correct, the writing seems like she intended to target children. With more success, around goblet of fire, it seemed as if she had tried to shift her audience to a bit more on young adult side by adding romance, increasing complexity and having more links between events in book.

        P.S. I tried to press inventaire.io coders to add reviews but they’re moving at a snail’s pace. They have it on their to-do lists.

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