The Lure of the Limerick by William S Baring-Gould

I opened up a cookbook the other day and out popped my attempts at cricket limericks, to be precise, limericks about Warney. I must have written them years ago, and I no longer have any recollection as to why.

Well, it’s cricket season again, the Ashes, and I adore limericks, so without further ado:

There once was a bowler called Warney.
Whose problem was feeling too horny.
The team all agreed
That to fulfil his need
Was something they all found too thorny.

I had another go too, but got stuck after two lines:

There once was a bowler for Australia
who was forever thinking of his genitalia….

yep, this one really needed some fixing, which Manny did for me:

A bowler who played for Australia
Was noted for his genitalia.
Said a girl in the stalls
I sure love his balls
But his batting’s a miserable failure.

Limericks are just such fun!

3 thoughts on “The Lure of the Limerick by William S Baring-Gould

  1. except warney was handy with the bat especially for the best spin bowler of all time – and in case I am missing the pun he is also boofing liz hurley – all up he bats good

    • I think for a chap who hadn’t heard of cricket, let alone Warne, Manny did quite well? 🙂 He was a bit disappointed when I told him that actually Warney could be handy.

      And it would be fair on any given day. Put it this way….if I had to have somebody get ten runs in three hours to save my life, I would not pick Warne. If somebody had to get 100 runs in an hour…that’s a different kettle of fish, don’t you think?

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