Carofiglio continued

A bout of flu with a bronchitis chaser saw me struggling with the history of science and such like that I’m trying to focus on at the moment. It was a splendid excuse to knock off the rest of Gianrico Carofiglio’s collection of books featuring Guido Guerrieri:

Involuntary Witness
Reasonable Doubts
Temporary Perfections

It is hard not to be delighted with these. There is always an interesting recipe, one that sends you out in search of ingredients. Guerrieri both boxes and cries, and this is all completely believable. You don’t even think about it while you are reading. Carofiglio is very experienced with the workings of Italian law and this shines through. The stories feel real and indeed there is nothing remotely thriller-like about them. In three of the four in the series of legal procedurals, Guerrieri defends a client without solving the case. This in itself is unexpected – one assumes that the defence is going to be based on identifying the real culprit and yet this path is never taken.

I unreservedly recommend these and finish with a nice episode from Temporary Perfections. Guerrieri has a strong imagination, he is often in a world removed from the one around him. Having been asked in this story to do something out of his experience, to be a private investigator, it sends him into a reverie of fictional investigators and what they might do – Guerrieri’s friends are his punching bag and books, he is quite a loner.

As I walked out onto the street, with a studied gesture I pulled up the collar of my raincoat, even though there was no reason to do so.

People who read too much often do things that are completely unnecessary.

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