The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson

This is one of those books hard to talk about without giving it away. Suffice to say that as the book developed and the characters themselves are not sure if they are part of reality or art, so too as a reader I found I was losing this aspect of my judgement and things that I would have taken at face value earlier in the book started to become the subject of doubt for me. I have no idea if this was deliberate on the part of the author, an inevitable consequence of the subject matter, or if I was just being too clever for my own good.

A splendid and hilarious pice of work, it’ll carry you through a dark patch, should you need such a thing – or so I found. Whole-heartedly recommended!

Nice to report that either the author or editor has done a great job of making sure this is polished. I read a proof copy and noted only one error – that makes a pleasant change from the sloppy publishing to which I’ve been subjected lately. More on that soon….

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