Doktor Glas by Hjalmar Söderberg

Having trashed Camilla yesterday, I’m going to try to redress the balance. I haven’t yet read Doktor Glas yet, but went to see the Swedish production which is part of the UK demand for Scandanavian at the moment. It is true that I have a predeliction for one man shows, but despite that, I think it is fair to pour accolades on this one. Krister Henriksson is superb as the tormented Glas and the book is right up the top of my ‘gotta read’ list. Published in 1905, one cannot help wondering what its relationship is to the existential literature of later in the twentieth century, like The Outsider and The Fall. I guess I’ll find out when I read it.

Every time I walk into a Swedish restaurant, as is a commonplace in London these days, with Scandanavian being all the rage there, I am disappointed by how limited and dull the food looks – sort of like the sentence construction of Camilla. But I keep thinking some time I’ll find the gem, the food equivalent of Doktor Glas. If I do, it’ll be reported on my food blog…I will let you know.

Meanwhile, should you happen to live in Melbourne and you are dubious about the idea of turning novels into plays, especially one man shows, please visit The Stork Theatre. It specialises in rendering novels into theatre and does a stunning job. There is a lot of theatre I miss now that I’m over this side of the world, but The Stork especially, because it is unique.

5 thoughts on “Doktor Glas by Hjalmar Söderberg

  1. Söderberg was way ahead of his time, and scandalized decent Swedish society. Förvillelser also caused major uproar.

    You do not understand Swedish culture, those sandwiches eat much better in the original.

    • Right, so I need to devise a Swedish persona and then I’ll like all the mayonnaisey creamy stuff. Trouble is, if I do that, most likely I’m going to want to enlarge my breasts and start eating microwaved pizza.

  2. You are SO IGNORANT about Swedish culture. Anyone who read The Sun will know that Swedish women have the smallest boobs in Europe.

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