The Thanksgiving Visitor and A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote

In the vein of the recently read One Christmas: another lavish production complete with pictorial box. One wonders why the three were not combined into one publication. More money in it this way? These days, at any rate, you can readily pick up secondhand copies and I thoroughly recommend it. How can the pleasure – both the physical sensation of holding and looking; and the cerebral, for here we have two more splendid autobiographical stories – of reading this edition possibly be compared with a ‘book’ that one scans on a screen?

These stories have been my first taste of Capote and leave me looking forward to more. The more evocative writing is, gripping you with that sense you are there, the more one feels that a writer has a gift, and not merely a talent. I hope Capote can live up to my expectations when I next come across him, but for now, I have exhausted my (slim) supply.

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