The Lost thing by Shaun Tan

So you buy the hard cover and one of the things you get is the dust-jacket and then you are one up on the people who only got the soft cover and – SHAUN TAN what ARE you doing to my theory?

I already have the hard cover of this, and bought a soft cover version for a friend for Christmas (yeah, yeah, call me cheap), only to discover that whilst the hard cover doesn’t have a jacket – and hence no jacket flap, the soft cover one DOES have a flap. And it’s a really good flap, so I’m writing the content down here just so I can read it next time before I read my hard cover (again).

I guess you want to know
what this book is about,
just by reading this
cover flap. Fair enough
too; time is short, lives
are busy, and most smart,
thinking people have
better things to do than
stand around looking at
picture books about some
big red thing being lost
in a strange city. You
should be going to work,
or going to school, or
if it’s a holiday,
collecting bottle tops at
the beach. Will reading
this book make you better
at any of those things?
I don’t think so.
Already this cover flap
is proving to be quite
useless, uninformative
and a waste of time. The
postcard on the back
is not much help either. The
publisher should just say
what happens in the story.
I mean, how else can you
know if it is any good?

What a clever way to answer the question.

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