Reading in Australia…

All things being equal, in Australia I spend a lot of time reading. But now being in Australia means 6 weeks and people to see every moment of the day. I squeezed in two Sue Graftons, T and U and ploughed through Bill Bryson’s Short History of Nearly Everything to a point, that point being when I left it in the plane seat pocket crossing to and fro between Adelaide and Melbourne. I will keep my eyes out for a replacement, it is surely the sort of thing to be picked up at an open air market here, or a church sale for next to nothing. As for Grafton, there is little to say, they are much of a muchness. To be honest, I’m sick of the surroundings of her protagonist, too many cute ninety year olds who are doing all but clubbing, so vigorous are their ancient lives. Then again, there is an enthusiastic sameness about the Bryson anecdotal histories of eccentric scientists. Maybe half the book was enough.

Slim pickings for six weeks, but I’m back in the winter dark now and reading is the order of the day. More soon!

3 thoughts on “Reading in Australia…

  1. S is for silence just chilled me. Her books are fun but that one left a big impression on me. I read the final chapters gripped with horror. Time I read another Sara Paretsky.

  2. Look forward to reading ‘S’ some time, I’m afraid I pick them up here and there and don’t read them in order. So far I think’Q’ is the pick of the bunch, have you read that one?

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