Moving on from….

I’m tired of seeing these on my list of current reading. There comes a point where you have to move them even further than the Back Burner.

An Introduction to the Historiography of Science
Helge Kragh. My first by Kragh and however worthy it may be, it doesn’t read well – is it comprised of a university lecture course cobbled together into a book? I am expecting to be more enthusiastic about others by him when I get to them.

The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book John Emms
Another book I feel like I should like more than I do – I admit this may be simply because the level is generally way beyond my abilities, but this means to get anywhere near the full benefit from this, I would have thought you need to be about 2100+ in strength. The problems go up to about GM strength. I’m also prepared to admit being the odd one out since it has been through more than one edition. One excellent feature is that it uses lots of non-classic positions, so the patterns one looks for to solve the problems are not easy to spot. I’ve had this by the bed for a while, and although I do still pick it up now and then, it is going back to the chess bookshelf.

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