A Jew Must Die by Jacques Chessex

What better time to be reading this book than now, a time like that time, when people across Europe are saying just that. A Jew must die.

This is the sort of book that will only be read by those who don’t need to.

If the average anti-Semitic European read this and read how horrified ordinary anti-Semites were by this extreme action, the murder that took place as a present for Hitler, a good deed to be rewarded, if they read the way in which ordinary Swiss anti-Semites muttered to themselves in approval of Hitler from a distance and yet after the fact of the murder looked in horror, would it be more likely to make them behave like human being now? Would it discourage stories like this, which is taking place in Switzerland as I write.

I want Jewish people in Europe to stay, not to flee. But I want to flee myself.

One thought on “A Jew Must Die by Jacques Chessex

  1. In Houellebecq’s novel Soumission, a Muslim president is elected in France and all the Jews leave. The Muslim guy is elected because the left-wing party consider him a less bad alternative than Marine Le Pen and give him their support.

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