Voices from the Street by Philip K Dick

This is a UFD. Let me explain.

Almost before he could read, Lloyd Spiegel wanted to play blues. As a precocious youngster he went on tour of the US. Bo Diddley came to see him and then went backstage and asked Spiegel what he wanted to be. Lloyd beamed up at him. ‘Don’t you get it, Mr Diddley? I’m a blues man.’ Whereupon Bo Diddley looked down at him and said ‘Son – you’ll be a blues man when I say you’re a blues man’.

Late in life Dick opined that he hadn’t been told early and often enough when his work was no good. I guess it’s too late, but if you are listening from whatever bizarre possie you might have elsewhere now: this book here? Voices from the Street? Absolutely bar none the worst written thing I’ve ever seen in print. To be fair, it wasn’t you who published it. It was somebody who figured there was some money to be made from The Legend of PK Dick.

Lloyd Spiegel, enthusiasm unquenched by Bo’s assessment, carried on his tour. Knowing Chuck Berry was in the audience at another show, he performed his interpretation of one of Chuck’s hits. Chuck came backstage to see him. Lloyd beamed up at him. ‘What did you think of it, Mr Berry?’ Chuck looked down at him and said ‘Son – that was an unmitigated fucking disaster.’

UFD. I read that the Dick Legend is such that an army of believers is willing to read complete crap if it is written by him. Apparently it is interesting to see the development of his ideas. Not if it is early incompetent drivel. People are so nosey.

I can’t recall where I bought this. It has a sticker that says ’22’ on the back. I have no idea what currency that is, but I bitterly resent the idea that I might have spent 22 cents on this. Or 22 anything-elses for that matter.

9 thoughts on “Voices from the Street by Philip K Dick

    • Arrgghhhhhhhh. Don’t say that. Do you realise that’s the equivalent of one hundred and sixty four serves of chicken rice?

  1. You are exaggerating again. It is not even seven serves of chicken rice. Though I must admit that I’d rather have had the rice.

    • I envy the person who doesn’t needs to use this expression from time to time! Personally, I find it very handy.

  2. Now you’ve got me worried! I picked up a copy of ‘Humpty Dumpty in Oakland’ half-price a while back. It’s another of his realist works unpublished in his lifetime. I’ll let you know how it goes:)

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