Littered with Books

We dropped in on Littered with Books in Singapore last year, after which I wrote this post and promptly left it in drafts.

If a real bookshop can survive in an increasingly unreal world, I don’t see why this won’t be the one. It’s bang in the trendy Duxton Hill area which means an educated population which likes to spend. The staff told me that the owners are a group of readers and that shows. The literature section is particularly strong. I came away with the latest Galgut and Tyler, and Frayn’s memoir of his father. I’d been hoping to find a book on Nonya cuisine, but a large cooking section was small on local.

They don’t have a website and discourage the taking of photos, but look around the web and you’ll see everybody loves them.

If you get a taxi in Singapore, where-ever YOU want to go, the driver is likely to tell you that he knows the best places to go shopping. Insist if you must. You want to go to Duxton Road. And not only will you get to see this lovely bookshop, but there are terrific cafes and restaurants in the area, including Nonya. This is a clear-cut win-win-win-win…win.

One thought on “Littered with Books

  1. I bought a copy of Rorty’s “Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature”. Not only that, they’d shelved Proust under philosophy. Now there’s a classy bookshop for you.

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