At a Stockholm book market

Strolling around Stockholm’s city centre on Sunday, we hit upon a nice quality (that’s the bookseller speaking) open air book market.

For 100K (about $10US) I picked up four books I really wanted.

Simenon le corps
Georges Simenon Maigret et le corps sans tête because I will still get to a point where I can read the damn things. Maigret books that is. In French.

John Berger to the wedding

John Berger To the Wedding because I read a slight book of his recently and made a note to read more, not having read him for many years.

Simon Gray smoking diaries

Simon Gray The Smoking Diaries because I loved being introduced to him by Sarah-Louise when we went to see Rowan Atkinson doing Quartermaine’s Terms a few years ago.

WG Sebald On the Natural History of Destruction because when one reads Boll’s Silence of Angels, it is obvious to wonder about these things. Why did German literature after the war not write about the last days of WWII? Why was it taboo? I’m hoping to find out more about the idea that Boll was the conscience of Germany in that period.


2 thoughts on “At a Stockholm book market

  1. There are very few books of which I would say they have genuinely changed my life but reading “Rings of Saturn” for the first time was definitely one of them. Staggering.

    Sebald’s strength as a writer is the ability to create emotions in the reader that deny analysis. You can’t read a sentence and think “that’s a clever way of describing a beach (or a door.)” You come away with a feeling of depth, it’s like looking into a deep pool and seeing your reflection, disturbed by gentle ripples, but recognizably you. There is much more to his work than descriptions and observations. Time is held up as you look at his slightly blurred photos of fishermen on the beach, taken with an old Kodak Brownie I should think, with the definition of one of those one-way cameras they used to make. If you want to read something that will change your perspective of the world and its shifting realities, then go to Sebald.

  2. I started one of the others, To the Wedding, but I will try to get to Sebald quickly. Then I shall have to get hold of Rings of Saturn!

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