Something Light by Margery Sharp

There I was profiling Sharp books as having a Tyler like quality of avoiding ‘happily ever after’ and here I am writing about one that makes me eat my words. It’s all in the name, Something Light. It’s a straightforward comedy in which the heroine sets out to become married and one way or another the closer she thinks she is, the further way she finds herself.

She’s a ‘good sort’, an expression which seems to have fallen by the wayside. Indeed Sharp, who had a particular interest in language uses lots of words which might have been faddish at the time but dropped out of use. One in this book is ‘Pammies’. They are a type of female, but it isn’t clear to me if it is an expression coined by Sharp or a word of the period. I can’t see any references to it online.

Fabulously freshly funny.

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