Submission by Michel Houellebecq

I’m just not sure

I wonder why it is that sticking my dick up girls’ arses doesn’t interest me like it used to

why a book that has something interesting to say about academia

The girls love it. Especially when I take my dick out of their arse and get them to lick it. They really like that.

and also about politics

Maybe if I fucked two girls arses and then got them to lick my dick. Maybe I’d enjoy that like I used to. Hmmmm.

should interleave his ideas and quite amusing prose

Or maybe. Oh, I don’t know. Young student? Arse? Licking excrement covered dick? While another one likes my balls maybe? Yeah. Let’s try that.

with tedious, ludicrous shit about girls liking his pathetic (to the reader) dick up their anusses. Maybe it gets guys to read the book.

I kind of wish that it wasn’t a book where the ending was just what you thought it was going to be, but maybe that was the point. That his scenario is inevitable. I don’t know.

Any girls reading this like having dicks shoved up their arses and then get to lick them after? That being the author’s definition of love? Form an orderly queue. I’ll let him know.

2 thoughts on “Submission by Michel Houellebecq

  1. As I’ve written elsewhere, this reminds of the tv commercial wherein a model showers before going surfing. Who on earth showers before going surfing?

    I know it’s nice to look vaguely presentable when you’re sliding the board off the roof rack, but having a gentle body scrub, shampoo and condition to prepare yourself for getting covered in sand, silt and sea water seems to put the cart before the horse.

    Why a grasp of reality, or footage of surfing, should be alien to the tv ad, presumably aimed at surfers, I fail to understand (my answer, but I’m not sure it’s valid: ” ’cause the idiot who wrote the script doesn’t have the foggiest notion regarding surfing.”)

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