How to read happily in the year of the virus

I read the post of Stuck in a Book about reading in anxious times. It is not just fear at issue right now, but

 It’s the scary amount of choice, and the scary amount of time. Usually I grab something and read it on my lunch break, or after I come home from something, or for a few hours on a Saturday. Now I have seemingly endless time and seemingly endless options. It’s overwhelming.

So true and yet so important to get out of that state of mind. To see it as a period of being as in a library, dipping into a book as you would when deciding whether to take it out on loan. Don’t feel bad about doing that and then putting something back on the shelf thinking, ‘another time for that one.’ I love browsing in bookshops and I am hugely grateful that I have enough books in my own home, many unread, that permit me to do that now.

See your bookshelves as a new way of leaving your house each day to go on a journey, without any of the hassle of airport queues, squashed seats on planes, jetlag. Instead, with a cup of tea in hand, and, if you are lucky as I am right now, the sun shining in the window, you journey safely into the imaginative worlds an infinite* number of writers care to create for us. It’s the moment to celebrate and appreciate their never-ending gift to the world.

*because they will never stop

3 thoughts on “How to read happily in the year of the virus

  1. I dont have any problem right now about being unable to make a decision on what to read. There are a few ‘reading months’ that have given me a good steer plus I have a book club title I need to get around to. The only issue I have is that I seem to have slowed right down – can’t seem to read more than 10 pages a day…

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