Australian short story writers

I am working my way through books of short stories by Australian writers, I will add to this.

John Morrison This Freedom strongly reflects his working class CPA background. The stories evoke a place, a time and a way without quite proselytising…or he is a good enough writer to get away with it if he is. Three stories were enough for me.

Beverley Farmer Home Time strongly reflects her female background. Two stories were enough for me and I thought the second one was awful. Sometimes I feel like women’s business should stay….secret. But she is well regarded, at least insofar as she won the Patrick White award for being under-recognised.

I want to find some great Australian short stories. I’m not even close yet.

The Lost Decade and other stories by F Scott Fitzgerald

I just didn’t think this was good enough and such stars as I’ve given it are for the first story about bullying. The book reads like it is stories churned out for payday.

Slight possibility I’m being unfair: he wrote The Great Gatsby and nothing else is going to seem adequate.