On goodreads I was notgettingenough, or NGE. Or even Not to some.

As of late March 2013, goodreads, built on the goodwishes and hard work of its supporters, sold out to Amazon. As this means I must boycott goodreads, I am posting here instead. I hope to have all my old reviews here soon and add to them, of course.

11 thoughts on “About

    • Well, Tuck….I’m afraid I’m doing it the hard way, cut and pasting, and fixing html when necessary. I don’t know if anybody has a quick way of doing it, but I’m quite enjoying the process of watching it all build up – and it feels much more like it is mine than it used to!

  1. yes, i heard that one could “somehow” take off all the gr entries en mas and put them somewhere else, but that could be a fairy tale. i will investigate some more and let you know if i find out anything

  2. I guess I don’t mind because I have several blogs and I enjoy watching them grow and I’m loving being independent now!

  3. I noticed on goodreads (I know, I know…) you’re based in Geneva. I’ve just moved here and was trying to see if there were any other book bloggers around. Hello!:)

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